Definition of Each Term

The first step towards understanding a term is defining it. The quickest way to understand a specific academic term is to look the meaning in the dictionary and know its definition. In most cases, a definition is provided with the specific academic term to make it easy for a student to recall the meaning. In case the definition is not provided, use thesaurus to understand the term. The online wiki has a comprehensive and up to date list of synonyms and a full explanation of the term. Other sources can also give more details.

Key Elements to Note in an Essay Assignment

In this academic term, it is also referred to as a research paper, examination paper, or composition. The assignment mainly deals with literature review, analysis, interpretation, and a research paper. Other complementary activities include reporting and data collection. Writing the essay takes into account three primary areas.

The first area covers a review of the literature examined to provide an overview of the subject area. The second section involves a critical analysis of the literature review, with emphasis on the analysis. The third part involves the identification of the gaps and weaknesses apa research paper outline in the analysis and claims being made. It requires a critical evaluation of the whole body of knowledge. The student should organize the whole paper based on the critical analysis.

Activities Involved in an Essay Assignment

It is not exclusive to write an essay assignment as a student should be able to undertake different activities while in school apart from homework or assignment writing. Some of the common assignments students tackle in school are:

In the above list, the first activity is writing homework or an assignment. The research projects are also referred to as projects in school. The writing process involves conducting research and generating content for the assignment. Different homework or assignments have different components that make the whole assignment complicated. For instance, in-text citation or reference and bibliography may or may not be included in the writing process. The guidelines for bibliography often differ from one assignment to another. The guideline for in-text citation depends on the guidelines for the particular assignment. The in-text citation should be according to the formatting style requested by the instructor.

Activities to Compose a Research Paper

Research papers should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Depending on the academic level, these sections may differ in length. Some of the essential aspects to note while writing a research paper include:

  1. Providing a literature review with an analysis of previous research on the subject area.
  2. Evaluating the evidence and using the analysis to make claims.
  3. Analyzing data and drawing connections that exist.
  4. Creating a thesis that clearly states the thesis statement.
  5. Writing the introduction and conclusion.
  6. Citing the sources.

The body may take various forms depending on the length of the assignment. Depending on the length of the points you want to raise, you can organize them in paragraph formats or blocs. Organize the content in a systematic and legible manner. Ensure the content is well referenced. You can create an outline before you start writing the assignment to ensure your content has a logical flow. It is wise to have a thesis statement at the end of the paper.


The recommended style for all the sources is that of APA, MLA, or Chicago. Each citation style has a unique way of writing the source. In case you are having challenges writing in APA, MLA, or Chicago format, you can contact your instructor or look for free online software that helps you to format your sources in those formats.

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